Company Overview


Based in Toronto, The Terracap Group of Companies, is a fully integrated owner, developer and operator of high quality real estate assets across North America. The company’s CEO, Larry Krauss, has been involved in over 100 real estate deals across North America over the past 30 plus years. The company’s real estate holdings are diverse and include multi-residential properties, development lands, retail, office, industrial and hotel properties. Larry’s direct involvement in numerous real estate transactions has bolstered the value of the investments through active management, tax innovative structures, redevelopment, re-merchandising plans, creative financing as well as securing underperforming assets at strategic prices in key markets and repositioning these properties. Strong partnerships with key investors has been the cornerstone of Terracap’s success.

The Terracap Group acquires, redevelops, leases and manages its real estate holdings and through its solid track record of success, has continued to grow and lever its strong history and professional staff to secure and strategically manage its investments. Today, the Terracap Group and related companies own over 5 million square feet of quality well positioned real estate assets. This predominantly includes nationally tenanted retail centers in Canada spanning from British Columbia to Quebec, various commercial and residential properties in the United States across Dallas, Kansas City and various areas in Florida. In addition, Terracap is also presently involved in the development of two mixed-use commercial and residential towers in highly attractive locations in Downtown Toronto.

In keeping with its strategic direction to reposition assets for the future, Terracap has several Master Planning processes underway on key assets in its portfolio to maximize the future potential of these sites.

Our Mission


Our mission is to secure high-quality investment opportunities for our investors, across diverse geographic markets and asset classes. We ensure steady cash flow and premium returns for our investors through innovative leasing, redevelopment, and financial and tax structuring.