About Terracap


Terracap is a Canadian-owned and operated private equity real estate firm, founded in 1989 by Larry Krauss. As a fully integrated real estate investment company, we possess extensive in-house capabilities in asset and property management, acquisition and development, as well as financial and tax structuring. These capabilities are leveraged to maximize the value of our assets. We invest in both residential and commercial properties, boasting a significant and growing portfolio of assets under management. Our exponential growth is a testament to our leadership team’s profound understanding of real estate investing and their expertise in navigating the industry to create long-term wealth for our investors. Our resources and expertise enable us to identify the right properties, conduct thorough due diligence, and build strong relationships, ensuring continuous value appreciation through active property management. At Terracap, we have spent years refining our investment strategy through time, experience, and discipline. Every opportunity is meticulously evaluated, researched, and analyzed to minimize risk and maximize returns, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our investors. 

Our forward-looking strategy allows us to respond and adapt to trends, capitalize on value creation opportunities, leverage improvement or redevelopment, and build a robust portfolio. Our goal is to create the strongest, most diverse portfolio for our investors. With extensive expertise in multi-residential and commercial properties, developments, and financing, we uphold a reputation for transparency and best practices. These principles are the foundation of our operations and key to our success. 

At Terracap, our mission is to provide reliable advice, utilize proven long-term investment strategies, and build enduring relationships with our investors. Our dedicated team offers unparalleled value through expertise, due diligence, competitive analysis, transparency, and strong performance. By adhering to these principles, we strive to create significant value and foster lasting partnerships with our investors.

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Investment Philosophy 


Investing with Terracap offers compelling reasons backed by our commitment to excellence and decades of expertise in real estate investment. Terracap boasts a track record of delivering high-performing real estate investment funds. Our strategies are designed to maximize returns while managing risk effectively. We provide access to a diverse portfolio of investment-grade real estate. This diversification helps mitigate risk and optimize returns across various property types and locations. Investing with Terracap grants easy access to the real estate market without the complexities of direct property ownership. Investors can benefit from our expertise and scale without the hassle of financing, tenant management, maintenance, or project oversight. Transparency is paramount at Terracap. Investors have visibility into our investment strategies, performance metrics, and financial results. We prioritize clear communication to build trust and ensure informed decision-making. 

As a proudly Canadian-owned and operated firm, Terracap understands the local market intricacies and regulatory landscape. This local expertise allows us to identify opportunities and navigate challenges effectively. 

Our team provides comprehensive support throughout the investment journey. From initial consultation to ongoing management, we are committed to helping investors achieve their financial goals through real estate. Investing with Terracap means partnering with a trusted leader in real estate investment, dedicated to delivering superior results and creating value for our investors.

Investment Approach